We only can recommend to parents to send a request to one of the clinics with whom we had experience of cooperation, but it is not necessary to address there. We can also help in finding a suitable clinic by contacting our experts. If the parents have already decided on the clinic, we reserve the right to verify information on the quality of the treatment.

According to our Charity Program, the sequence of steps and deadlines are presented below:

  • all incoming requests for material assistance are received by our coordinator via e-mail.

We assist in treatment abroad in strictly defined situations.

Such cases, according to the recommendations of experts, are:

- an organ-saving treatment (provided that it does not worsen the long-term results of treatment, such as a chance to recover)

- refusal to get treatment from at least 2 federal centers of the Russian Federation

- the proposed treatment abroad according to the published data allows to prolong life for a year and more in 30% of cases.

Please complete regular transfers here

Yes, all Russian citizens or persons who are Russian taxpayers can do this. You can find detailed information on the procedure for refunding the tax deduction and the documents that will be required for this using this link https://www.nalog.ru/rn77/taxation/taxes/ndfl/nalog_vichet/soc_nv/soc_nv_blg/

Our staff will be happy to assist you in preparing the proving documents.

All 100 percent of the funds you donated to the fund will be used to pay for the treatment of children.You can specify the name of the child, and then this money will be used only to pay for his treatment, or indicate that your donation can be directed to statutory goals. In this case, the patient who is most likely to be helped by others will receive help.The funds that the fund spends on administrative expenses are received on a separate account directly from the fund's founder

In recent years, fortunately, it has become really easier  to get treatment in Russia and sometimes this treatment is not inferior to the foreign hospitals. However, there are still cases that require the involvement of foreign specialists, materials and equipment. We believe that such complex operations and therapies will soon be conducted in Russian clinics as well. But it will be wrong if children suffer from the fact that this treatment is not yet available in Russia.

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