Age: 1,7 years
Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma stage III (high risk, N-MYC amplified)


July 13, 2017 - it was this date that turned the whole life of the family of the Kurapovs.

On that day, their 9-month-old son, Timothy, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, and children of an early age usually suffer from them. As Timosha.

The child was born healthy, but already at the age of 7 months, the mother and the baby were admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of "stenosis of the larynx." For two months, the doctors transferred the child from one department of the hospital to another in an attempt to diagnose. The ultrasound examination revealed in Timofei a large tumor of the left kidney. Further exams conducted in different clinics of the city, clarified the diagnosis: neuroblastoma.

The child melted in front of mother’s eyes, and her parents, desperate, decided to act. They contacted a familiar girl who had already passed this way of treating her child, and she advised Kurapov to go to the Israeli clinic. The family flew to Israel with accumulated small savings, and literally within a couple of days the child was examined and a treatment protocol was assigned. Timosha's chances for recovery are very high, but the amount on the account that the clinic exposed to the parents is undearable for this family.

Parents appealed to our Foundation and very counted on our help.


The clinic invoiced $ 270,000 for the preparation and carrying out of bone marrow transplantation and subsequent treatment and follow-up. Our fund decided to pay the bill for bone marrow transplantation. The funds were transferred to the clinic account and the treatment started.

Current situation: Currently Timothy is in the hospital "Dana" in Tel Aviv. In November, after carrying out high-dose chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation "from oneself to oneself" was performed. Now Timosha feels cheerful and cheerful, we wait for the permission of doctors to be discharged to their temporary home outside the hospital.

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