Aid provided: 1,545,073 rubles
Age: 6 years
Diagnosis: one-sided retinoblastoma


In January 2015, the Sokolov family appealed for help to the Foundation. At their three-year-old kid Semen was diagnosed with retinal cancer - one-sided retinoblastoma.

It all started with the fact that parents noticed a strange reflection on the right eyeball of the child. Simon was just getting ready to enter the kindergarten, passed a medical examination. District ophthalmologist suspected something was wrong with the right eye of the child and sent the little patient to the consultation in the relevant Russian clinic. It was there and set the final diagnosis.

Moscow ophthalmologists offered a treatment plan - general and local chemotherapy, total irradiation ...

Semen’s parents rummaged all thematic forums, looking for contacts of other parents of children with retinoblastoma. Active searches led the family to the Israeli clinic, which offered Sokolov a more sparing treatment - local chemotherapy and local irradiation. Semen passed nine courses of chemistry and rays and was released home for a month.

Parents began to search for a charity that will be able to pay for further treatment of the baby. Some people recommended the them to write to us. As a result, our Foundation undertook to pay for Semen’s treatment in Swiss clinics.


The child was treated at HOJG and CHUV (Lausanne, Switzerland)

The Fund provided assistance in the amount of 1,545,073 rubles (30,000 Swiss francs)

Current situation: The kid is in remission, once a half a year passes the examination, which confirms the remission.

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