Aid provided: 2 604 374 rubles
Age: 4 years
Diagnosis: one-sided retinoblastoma


At 7 months old, little Nikita was diagnosed, which completely changed the life of the baby's family - bilateral retinoblastoma.

This means that the child is developing a malignant tumor of the retina of both eyes. The disease is congenital, but it took a long seven months to make an accurate diagnosis.

Since the confirmation of the diagnosis in the life of the Lukmanov family, a new, most important goal has come -  to cure their son, to save him not only life, but also a vision.

Many hours of daily research led the family to a Swiss clinic, which specializes, in particular, in the treatment of retinoblastomas. Swiss doctors promised to try to save the boy's eyes and get rid of cancer. However, the treatment cost a lot of money, which the family did not have. The son's health was to cost 50,000 Swiss francs.


Nikita successfully underwent treatment at HOJG and CHUV clinics in Lausanne.

Thanks to the financial support of our founder, the fund transferred 2 604 374 rubles (50 000 francs) to the Swiss clinic.

Current situation: Currently, the boy is in remission, recent exam in December 2017 showed great results! We believe that very soon Nikita will forget about his illness and will grow and develop like his peers.

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