Aid provided: 2 463 383,04 Rub
Gratitude of parents: I am immensely grateful to the whole staff of the "INVOLVEMENT" Charity Fund and its Founder Alexander Charny for sympathy and kindness! All the time while we were in a difficult fight with a deadly enemy, we felt your support and warmth! Many thanks to you for saving my daughter's life, for the chance to realize her dreams in life !!!
Age: 16 years
Diagnosis: 3-degree abdominal carcinomatosis


Lisa was 16 years old when her family appealed to our Foundation.

She finished school and planned to enter the institute. She has a talent for drawing, she dreams of becoming a animation movie designer. But the plans had to be postponed, as is was found that Lisa had a deadly disease.

The tumor was very complicated and quickly grew, and time was lost - local doctors could not immediately put the right diagnosis.

The family decided at all costs to save Lisa and it was decided to send Lisa to Israel for treatment, to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

The initial stage: $ 58,000 – was gathered by family, friends and caring people.

Our Foundation assisted Lisa in one of the stages of treatment.


Liza received a treatment in the clinic Rambam (Israel)

The Fund provided assistance in the amount of US $ 39800

Current situation: Lisa undergoes regular checks. The check in December 2017 was successful and the next visit to the clinic was scheduled for May 2018.

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