Aid provided: 2 959 937 Rub
Gratitude of parents: We want to express our gratitude to the "INVOLVEMENT" Foundation and personally to Alexander for the help to our whole family. Thanks to you, we were able to continue treatment and save our child, save the eye and partially vision! We wish prosperity to your foundation and good health to all!
Age: 3,3 years
Diagnosis: bilateral retinoblastoma


When Sasha was 1 month old, his mother began to notice that one of the child's eyes seemed to be highlighted by a white-yellow glow.

After an ultrasound, it became clear that there is a large neoplasm in this eye, and in the second eye there is one more, but a small one. At the same time they diagnosed bilateral retinoblastoma.

Doctors warned: in order to save the child's life, one eye must be removed. However, the parents were able to urgently collect a certain amount of money and flew with their son to Israel, where the child was given general chemotherapy. Parallel to the treatment, the parents, knowing that the treatment will take much time, wrote an appeal to the our Foundation with a request to pay for further treatment of Sasha.

Our fund was able to provide the funds and send Sasha for treatment in a Swiss clinic, where the baby was not only able to save the eye, but also  defined a fairly sparing, but long-term treatment.

Until the age of 5, Sasha should be constantly under the supervision of doctors almost every month to conduct an eye examination.


Sasha was treated in the clinics HOJG and CHUV (Lausanne, Switzerland)

The Foundation rendered assistance in the amount of 2 959 937 rubles. (50,000 Swiss francs)

Current situation: Remission. Based on the results of the last visit, the frequency of the examinations was reduced to 1 time in 3 months.

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